Chateaubriand knife

Steak knives or meat knives developed by the cutlery Alain Saint-Joanis represent the top of the line of steak knives. Alain Saint-Joanis steak knives are 100% made in France and their blade are made in stainless steel forged. Quality of the steel and its forge guarantee steak knives sharpness and facility of sharpening over the time.

Chateaubriand steak knife is a standard of cutlery Alain Saint-Joanis. With its elegance and its timeless style Chateaubriand steak knife will accompany your most beautiful plate. Châteaubriand steak knives can be made with different handle materials, there are resin, wood or stamina wood.  All the handle are dishwasher proof unless handle in Olive wood.

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